Australian Network of Electrical Engineering and Design Consultants


The "D" in our acronym enable the innovative engineering ideas to become reality.

Vendor Independent

Our electrical design is built around customer preferred components with proven track record whilst being mindful of technology advancements.

Standardisation over facilities:

  • Keep “spares holding” inventory lower
  • Require less operator maintenance and training
  • Build supplier relationship and trust

Supply Chain Services

Our forte is in providing 2nd line maintenance assistance and sustainability upgrades to facilities taking on tasks such as:

  • Brownfields integration and E&IC scope-up
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) to develop customised specifications and work package definitions.
  • Legacy equipment replacement or renewal
  • Assistance in scheduled statutory inspections of electrical equipment and earth system integrity
  • Compliance verification and 3rd party design review
  • Short term “engineer in client office” roles
  • As-built site mark-up and documentation management
  • Factory test and site commissioning assistance.

Switchgear / System Renewal

Switchgear, electrical equipment and control systems have a specific life expectancy, thereafter it becomes obsolete. When the operational life expectancy of a facility allows, replacement is a cost-effective investment to extend the life of the electrical systems and to improve the overall safety and reliability of the plant.

Our network of experienced engineers, designers and technicians bring the skill and capability to overcome complexity and uncertainty with proper upfront option engineering, definition and reverse engineering and meticulous attention to detail to ensure effective implementation, testing, commissioning and quality project completion.

Design & Construct Partner

"Your partner to success - On Budget, On Program, Meeting Expectation with Technical Excellence"
ANEED Consult is the ideal D&C partner for the E&IC project scope, providing cost estimating designs and final detail design from any level of scope definition.

  • Detail Execution Engineering, drafting design, equipment specification and technical assistance in manufacturing stage and factory acceptance testing
  • We supplement where in-house capability falls short, providing Quality control, site construction technical support, system testing and commissioning.
  • In conceptual scope definition we partner with the customer to define valuable options and outcomes.

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