Australian Network of Electrical Engineering and Design Consultants

EOJ Management System

A Product of ANEED Consult Pty Ltd

The ANEED “End-of-Job Management System” is  a tool for project managers, design engineers, manufacturers, test technicians, commissioning engineers, maintenance engineers and end-users of plant equipment procured on projects that undergoes custom manufacturing. It captures and creates the required documentation belonging to the specific equipment in tandem with the project execution.

The product/system implements a custom pre-configured process of creating or capturing data, taking the equipment from the engineering/design stage through all quality control steps resulting in equipment being delivered operational ready.


EOJ Management System

The EOJMS Aim:

  • Provide equipment history since it's original design intent
  • Keeps vital equipment data as used by the original project team
  • Complementing any document control systems
  • Provide efficient electronic record keeping - on the cloud or local server
  • Standardised and consistent quality control
  • Project Engineering & Management made easy

The EOJMS Advantage:

  • Transparent recorded process - Client Confidence
  • Versatile and flexible application - Wide customised use
  • One-step and effortless recordkeeping - Effective final paperwork
  • Non-conformance alerts - Swift action to rectify & solve
  • Progress tracking in real time - Overview direct from the work front
  • Delivery as part of the equipment - Enabling Reliable Operations