Australian Network of Electrical Engineering and Design Consultants

The "A" in our acronym provide us identity and belonging.

AS/NZS Standards

Australian / New Zeeland standards is one of the first points of reference to ensure compliance, safety and sustainability in our every day electrical engineering and design efforts.

Standards Australia is one of the publication providers we use to keep our knowledge base up to date.

Engineers Australia

ANEED Consult associates itself to the vision of Engineers Australia to be "the trusted voice of the profession" and being "the global home for engineering professionals renowned as leaders in shaping a sustainable world" and encourage our engineers to paticipate in the carreer paths and activities provied throug this professional body.


AusIndustry is one of the Australian Government's  channels to help existing and new Australian business innovate, grow and succeed.
ANEED Consult is focused on innovation and support government innitiatives